Candice Napoleone is a Toronto-based film/commercial producer.

She began her career in film supporting artists at the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) as the Membership and Acquisitions Coordinator, where her interest in working closely with filmmakers first developed. After leaving the CFMDC, she went on to work in-house at production companies within the documentary, television and commercial film spaces, learning the nuances and structure of those workflows. She is also an alumni producer of the MVP Project and has produced music videos for various artists, including Charlotte Day Wilson and Adria Kain.

Candice currently splits her time between freelance commercial film contracts and producing independent narrative film. She served as Associate Producer on the debut feature of Director Graham Foy, The Maiden, (premiere at the 2022 Venice International Film Festival, Giornate degli Autori) and most recently acted as Producer on Director Kazik Radwanski's 4th feature film Matt and Mara, which premiered at the 2024 Berlin International Film Festival in the Encounters competitive section.

A guiding principle within her producing practice is to support and develop new talent with the creative and practical perspectives gained from her diverse experiences in the industry.

Skills + Experience
- Production Management and Logistics 
- Production Coordinating
- Line Producing
- Grant Writing / Applications
- Travel Coordinating, including:
  •  Canadian Immigration Protocol for Cast + Crew
  •  Tax Waivers 
- Talent Management and Wrangling
- ACCP Commercial Production 
- Production Budgeting
  •  Hot Budget
  •  Movie Magic
  • Telefilm Coding


︎ @candicenapoleone